Written Words Services

I call this section of my website Written Words Services. My premier writing services include:

  • Ghostwriting your books and eBooks
    Do you have a book inside you, but you just can’t get it out and onto paper or into your computer?
    Why don’t you contact me and I will ghostwrite it for you?
    I have experience with a variety of topics from snowboard boots to security services, and my curiosity drives me to explore and learn more.
  • Editing your already-written books and eBooks
    You have written your book or eBook and you need a competent and meticulous editor – you have come to the right place.
    I have edited and ghost-edited published books of a variety of lengths from 70 pages to 350 pages and everything in between.
  • Formatting your eBooks for Amazon Kindle
    Formatting eBooks is tedious and this is where many people stumble in the process.
    I actually enjoy the detail and minutiae of formatting your book, and I use some simple software that helps me out.
    Let me take over that job for you and prepare your eBook for Amazon Kindle. I will also format your hard copy book for Amazon CreateSpace – your self-publishing program.

As always, I will work with you towards your success because I fully understand the power of words – written and spoken.

I also understand the thrill of seeing your book online or in print, so contact me now and let me get yours out there for you, too!