A Writer with Solutions

My Professional Investment

After a 25+ year career in the public service, where I spent my days writing in one format or another, I continue to hone my chosen profession for your benefit as a member of American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) and, most recently, through Mari Smith International and Guy Kawasaki (former Apple Evangelist).  I have invested in my profession by completing many courses, and participating in numerous workshops, programs, and competitions in all areas of writing including copywriting  and Social Media.

See the sidebar to note that I was honoured by being chosen as one of five finalists in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” competition to appoint a resident blog writer for AWAI’s website, and the original of this website was also a finalist in AWAI’s 2011 Build Your Own Website Competition.

The Team

I have ready access to a team of professionals which includes a technical whiz, talented graphic designers, an experienced business person, and a well-known and respected photographer; each has a different areas of skills to serve you better.

This means that you needn’t waste time looking for these professionals.  Unless you have them in-house, I will coordinate my team to complete your work in the most efficient and timely way.

My websites

Visit my website and have fun with Computer Savvy Granny, a website for “computer-shy” seniors (or youngers) to learn how to be in touch with family, friends, and loved ones via the Internet.

My Facebook Pages

I invite you to go over and press Like on my Facebook Pages: Ann Jordan-Mills Writer, and Computer Savvy Granny.  My personal profile is simply Ann Jordan-Mills.

Lifetime Experience

A lifetime of experiences (marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, and a long and varied professional career) has contributed to my core expertise and interests.  These are many, and include:

Writing in all its forms since a very young age – starting with being taught to write polite thank-you letters, by one of the world’s most prolific letter writers – my late mother.

Computer Savvy GrannyA passion for exploring the uses and benefits of technology.  That’s why my children and grandchildren call me “Technogranny”, and  it led me to create a fun and helpful website for ‘computer-shy’ seniors (and not-so-seniors).


Communication: discovering the most dynamic and productive ways to use words (formal and informal, written and spoken), to find solutions for your business.

Research: thoroughness and attention to detail = results for you and your business.

Personal development: promoting and practising a positive approach to healthy living and graceful aging, which supports wellness in mind and body, and promotes high energy.  I am currently writing this while walking at my treadmill desk – my latest way to keep fit and healthy.


You will hear and read many adjectives used to describe me and my work, including: timely, thorough, reliable, capable, accurate, valuable, talented, detailed, scrupulous, meticulous, brilliant job … and so on.

Click to my Testimonials  page to read some of the comments from such companies as Coronation Inn and 5th Street Tandoor and Grill, Shred Soles, AWAI, Internet Business Services, Dragon’s Lodge, By Detail and more.

Professional Memberships

Joining professional associations is the best way to stay up-to-date on what is happening in any industry – in this case, the writing industry.  Memberships open doors and provide all the resources, knowledge, and news we need to stay connected and current as professionals.  My active professional memberships include:
• The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA)  where I am a charter member
• Wealthy Web Writer – I am active on, and learn from, the Wealthy Web Writer website.
• International Travel Writers’ and Photographers’ Alliance (ITWPA) – this is the organization that relates to my other passion and alternate branch of writing – travel writing
• Circle of Success (COS) – which provides me with a deeper level of learning, as well as connections to others in the copywriting profession.

And the rest …

I am married to Bob, a retired English Literature Professor, with whom I have healthy ‘discussions’ about grammar and spelling … we don’t always agree and, being the better speller, I almost always beat him at Scrabble!  I have four adult children and six grandchildren, most of whom live far from me – two as far away as Amsterdam.

In 2015, I met a 48-year goal to return to the coast, having grown up on the north west coast of England.  Once my husband retired, we moved to Victoria, British Columbia, and I am blessed to be able to watch the tidal waters come and go from my desk every day.  We live beside a body of water that is a migrating bird sanctuary, so we have plenty to see, from the occasional bald eagle, to herons, woodpeckers, and ducks and geese – lots of geese.  Needless to say – we love it!

In my personal time, I enjoy reading, more writing, social media, photography, travel, listening to classical music, gardening, and visiting my far-flung grandchildren when I can.  Constitutionally, I am a ‘night-owl’ and spend many late nights revelling in my tech ‘toys’ and delving into things computer-related.

Another branch of my writing passion is travel writing and photography.  I share stories and photographs of my travels – at home and overseas – in online travel sites and magazines.  I am a regular editor of  Vacation Rental Travels, an online magazine about the joys of staying in Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO).