Planning to Publish Your Book? Let my Learning Save You Time.

Are you planning to publish your book?  Does the process feel overwhelming?
I spent the time researching, learning, and making mistakes, so you can spend your time pursuing other things you enjoy.

Whether you want to publish an eBook or a hard copy book let me support you through the process.
And if your book is inside you, but you do not feel able to write it, I will ghostwrite it for you.

Here is how I can help you.

For your eBooks, I will:

  • Assess whether your book is suitable for eBook publishing
  • Provide scrupulous editing and proofreading
  • Support you through setting up your eBook for publishing on Amazon
  • Make suggestions on how to have a strong front cover and where to find a designer
  • Guide you through the software set-up
  • Lead you through the Amazon Kindle publishing process

I also advise on best practices for your marketing.

For your hard copy books, I will:

  • Provide scrupulous copy editing and proofreading
  • Provide suggestions on your layout
  • Refer you to graphic artists and layout experts
  • Share the results of my research on publishing companies and their levels of service
  • Advise on the type of publishing company to meet your unique goals for your book
  • Guide you through the publishing process
  • Or I will provide a layout service to prepare your book for Amazon’s self-publishing program, CreateSpace.

I will also work with you on marketing your book.


I invite you to visit my Contact Page and book a consultation to discuss your book plans and publishing needs.

If you do not feel ready to write your own book, I will ghostwrite it for you.  For more information on my ghostwriting services click here.

Together, let us move your book out from your imagination and into a real hard copy book, or eBook


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A Super Easy Step-by-Step Method Using Simple Software