We Make Your Website Work for Your Business

We know that you want to be involved in your own success, so we follow a process of discovery with you to explore your marketing and business needs. 

Then we develop, recommend, and implement solutions.

Our Analysis of Your Website
We use a checklist of over 30 areas to review your website.  This is a list distilled from over 100 readability and usability best practices first developed by Jakob Nielsen.

Here is a small example of our detailed analysis of your existing website. 
We include:

• A review of the readability  (your visitors’ eyes follow a specific pattern)
• An assessment of the usability (according to accepted guidelines)
• An analysis of your traffic (coming from the major search engines)
• An evaluation of the key words and phrases (for optimization)

We Improve Your Site
Then to improve and optimize your site, we will:

• Rewrite pages (home, landing, information, etc.) to deliver results
• Create the copy for your new pages
• Strategically insert key words and key phrases
• Work with your designer to improve your site structure to help your readers find what they need – quickly and easily!

We Create and Build Your New Website
We also create your new website including:

• Design the architecture of the site (to help your visitors in their search)
• Plan the pages (to meet usability guidelines)
• Create the web content (copywriting and visuals that clearly convey your message)
• Work with your designer to implement your website (or provide a member of our Team to do the job).