Ghostwriting of Many Kinds

Everyone needs a Ghostwriter at some time or another!

When you see the words ghostwriter, do you think of writing about spirits … ethereal beings who tell me their stories from another world?

It could be, I suppose, for those who have supernatural powers – but that’s not me.

In this case it’s something quite different.

Ghostwriting is when I write in the voice of another person, or I write a document where my name will not be published.

Different types of ghostwriting

Here are the kinds of documents that I will write for you, in your voice, just as if you had written them yourself:

If you are writing about your life, you need someone who will adopt your voice and tell your story – just as if you were speaking.  You can provide an audio recording of your thoughts, or simply give me your notes – and we will work together to complete a manuscript that you are proud of.

Family History
We will proceed almost as if we are writing your autobiography, but I will interview family members if possible – particularly if you have any ‘characters’.  Almost everyone has that eccentric uncle or aunt in their family and I will discover their persona in their words and stories.

Fiction and Non-Fiction
The above are two example of non-fiction, but I can also write the fiction that is in your dreams.  Talk to me, tell me the story you are creating in your mind, and I will adopt your voice, or whatever voice you wish to use, and write your story.

Business Ghostwriting

You must have seen reports that businesses provide, and that have the company attributed as the author?  Who do you think has written them?  Of course – a ghostwriter.
I will ghost write, in clear and readable language, all kinds of reports and manuals for your business, including:

  • Reports of your webinars
  • Proceedings of conferences
  • Academic reports of presentations
  • ‘How-to’ manuals.
    And …
  • I will even write your blog.

There’s More …

Many other types of other ghostwriting include:

  • Medical documents and reports
  • Screen Plays
  • Short stories
  • Video scripts
  • And others …

Let them think you did it (if you want to); speak to me about writing that masterpiece in your name.

Hop over to my contact page and request an appointment …  Let’s talk about what you have in mind.