Web Copywriting

Web copywriting comprises a diversity of genres each requiring its own style and technique.  Here at AJM, we can provide you and your business with what you need – just go to our contact page and ask.     

Repurposing Reports

How about turning your webinar or workshop into a downloadable report?  Your attendees will have a concise summary of their sessions as reference to keep.

I write clear and readable reports based upon your online webinars.

You can give the reports to your employees, or you could sell them on your website, at the next workshop – or use them for lead generation.

Technical ‘How-To’ manuals

Developing a website?  Conducting an in depth training?  We write detailed manuals to support your educational and webinars and training materials. 

When you are familiar with a topic or a system, it’s easy to assume that novices understand all the nuances.  AJM understands that when you are writing for absolute beginners, you need to provide the most basic and simple manuals outlining every single step. 

We write manuals for ‘the-absolute-beginner’, or we just as easily meet the needs of the more experienced.  Just let us know the level that you need and we’ll write it.

Blog Posts

You know you need to keep adding new content to your website so that the search engines will find you … and it’s hard to keep up with your blog posts.
AJM is ready and waiting to write regular high quality blog posts for your business website. 

She was honored to be selected as one of the five finalists in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” competition where a resident AWAI blogger was chosen. 

She is competent to research and regularly write about a variety of topics.  Just go to the contact page and ask.

Press Releases

Like most companies, you probably require Press Releases to announce your new developments and programs.  You will likely need them quickly with a short turnaround time. Ann has written many Press Releases for AWAI’s diverse programs as well as a variety of other companies. 

Ask, and she will write your Press Releases quickly, briefly and succinctly.

And that’s not all – there’s plenty more.