…About her ghostwriting, editing, and writing

“You did a wonderful job.  Thank you for the help with this project.”
Ted Box.  “Next-Level Content Marketing”  Co-Written with Kathryn Aragon (Edited, and formatted for Amazon Kindle by Ann)

“I extend many, many, thanks to Ann Jordan-Mills (writer/editor) for her support, guidance and enthusiasm in making this story come alive.”
Rose Catalano.  “This Head of Security Wears High Heels” (Ghostwritten by Ann)

“Ann met and exceeded my expectations for my first experience working with a ghost writer.
She laid out the structure of my eBook based on the loose parameters I gave her, and she went above and beyond by outsourcing the book cover which wasn’t included in the original statement of work!
Ann was quick to make revisions, and she pressed me to maintain the timeline that we agreed on.
I look forward to working with Ann in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a ghost writer.”
– Nate Musson.  Founder and Owner, www.shredsoles.com

“Ann is what I call the dream copywriter: she ALWAYS meets deadlines, has great ideas, is always thinking of ways to help me, and she knows how to effectively pitch her services so that I’m never left in need.”
– Rebecca Matter. Co-Managing Partner, AWAI.  Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

“We appreciate all your hard work for AWAI!”Katie Yeakle.  Executive Director, AWAI.

“You did an AMAZING job on this project.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result, and I’d like to hire you to do more.”
Rebecca Matter. Co-Managing Partner,  AWAI.  Founder, Wealthy Web Writer”

“Ann, before working with you, I had put my web copy updates on hold.  I knew I needed to make changes and I had some idea of what needed to be done, I just couldn’t convince myself to take action.  After receiving your mini-audit, I had a renewed confidence in my ideas.  Combining that with your suggestions and positive feedback, I was ready to dive right in.
Thanks to you and your mini website audit I have updated my website and am planning additional modifications.”
Evelyn LiVoti.  By Detail, CustomMarketing Materials Design and Consulting. www.bydetail.com  

“Your research was thorough and meticulous; you did a brilliant job of sifting through the content.  I see how a tweak here, an added phrase and subhead there works like magic!
I would highly recommend your services, and I look forward to working with you again in the future”
– Patricia Ogilvie.  Internet Businesses Services

We needed copywriting assistance as we were reviewing our website, and Ann was quick to investigate our needs.  She has an amazing ability to use research and words to enhance the copy, and elevate the descriptions of the photographs.
She has the expertise to increase the effectiveness of the site through optimization and assisted us in developing strategies and marketing plans that will move our business forward.
We would definitely recommend Ann for your website needs.
Daryl & Raylene Czuy. Owner, Dragon’s Lodge, Gabriola Island, B.C. www.dragonslodge.ca

“Ann’s analysis and advice regarding our website was, and is continuing to be, invaluable.  We have struggled to build a website that fits with our expectations and, although we are still early on in the project, Ann has helped us immensely in our understanding.  Following her simple step-by-step recommendations, our website is finally beginning to grow with our theatre rather than against it.”
-Thomas Thompson. Manager Tom Thumb Theatre, UK.

“Ann has a real knack for conveying her thoughts in a clear and easily understood way. Her interest in what she is writing is obvious to the reader.”
-Allen Reed.  Realtor.

“Your writing … is elegant, well thought out, and a joy to read.”
-Deb Miniaci. Camrose Alberta

“Ann is an exquisite blend of high class and Everywoman. She always [writes] from the heart of true experience.”
-Kathy Barnhart. Branch Manager. Neighbourhood and Community Development, City of Edmonton, Alberta.

“Ann is passionate about writing and is always very detailed and articulate.”
-Arden Casault.  Ministry of Seniors. Government of Alberta.

…About her Travel Writing

“Thanks for that, beautifully organised copy and a delight to put up, [it is] now on the site, look forward to hearing from you again. All the best, Jack”
– Jack Barker.  Travelmag. UK.

“… [We] would love to publish anything else you care to send our way.”
WaveJourney.com Travel Website

“Inspiring!  Your writing makes me want to travel to the destinations you write about.”
-Allison Hunt. Principal. Areté Event Consulting, Calgary

“Ann’s ability to capture the essence of the community she covers, encourages her readers to experience it for themselves.”
Noel Ainsley, Calgary.

…About Ann – the person

“Ann is one of those remarkable women with an innate ability to make you feel special and comfortable.  She is wise, honest, and an excellent keeper of confidences.  It is an honour and a privilege to call her my friend.”
-Debbie Trachimowich.  FCSS Consultant. Province of Alberta

“Observant, caring, patient teacher; a friend generous with heart and home, a loving mother and grandmother … the person who taught me to write well!”
-Rachael Hunt. Global Learning Manager. Hewlett Packard, Amsterdam

“… Always kind-hearted, thorough and beautiful.”
-Thomas Thompson. Theatre Owner. Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate, UK.

“Ann is filled with curiosity towards life, is upbeat in attitude, and demonstrates deep integrity.  These qualities provide her with endless sources to explore, to write about, and to share with others.”
-(The late) Lise Storgaard. ‘Spirit Woman Lise’. Edmonton, Alberta

“Ann seeks to satisfy her abundant curiosity daily … she possesses tenacity … If she does not know how to do something, she will find out how.  Then she will do it.  She is excited by life, the universe – and everything.”
-Frankie Jordan. Performer. Theatre Owner. Facilitator of “The Work” (Byron Katie).  Cailleach